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9 Ways to Fail when Executing a Cloud Transformation

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Calendar icon Jul 13, 2022
Clock icon 12:00 PM AEST-1:00 PM AEST
Globe icon APAC

What you'll learn


Organisations can shift entire workloads to the cloud, and yet still not achieve the most transformational benefits of the cloud. In this session, David will review the overall approach for a cloud transformation while focusing on nine anti-patterns that tempt organisations during the process.  He will discuss each of these anti-patterns and how they can be avoided for the long-term benefit of the organisation.

Key takeaways:

  • What organisational constructs are essential for the success of a cloud transformation

  • How to spot each anti-pattern and what steps can be taken to avoid them

  • When and how to implement learning objectives to guide resources to embrace the cloud

  • How to structure teams to avoid long-term information silos


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Agenda / Presenters

The Host

David Tucker

David is a Webby Award winning cloud development consultant that focuses on cloud native web, mobile, and IoT applications. For over fifteen years as a consultant David has led custom software development on emerging platforms for companies such as FedEx, AT&T, Sony Music, Intel, Comcast, Herman Miller, Principal Financial, and Adobe (as well as many others). David regularly writes and speaks on the digital landscape with published works for O'Reilly and Lynda.com. He has written for Mashable, Smashing Magazine, and VentureBeat, and he has spoken at events like AdTech, Interop, and Adobe Max.

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