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The four factors that drive Software Developer Productivity across industries

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Calendar icon Mar 23, 2023
Clock icon 10:00 AM MST-11:00 AM MST
Globe icon Americas

What you'll learn

Join Cat Hicks, PhD and the Developer Success Lab researchers as they present their findings from the Developer Thriving: the four factors that drive Software Developer Productivity across industries study.

Learn research-backed methods to:

  • Unlock a culture of iterative, collaborative problem solving

  • Increase long-term and sustainable developer productivity

  • Maximize the value of engineering work for your organization

More about their latest research:

The Developer Success Lab at Flow set out to study how to help developers and their teams at work maintain productivity, work deeply and collaboratively, and have real-world impact. 

The 2023 State of Developer Thriving report summarizes three in-depth research studies with software teams on how real-world developers and their teams achieve success. Across quantitative data from 1282 developers, and rich qualitative data from 15+ hours of conversation in interviews and focus groups, we share findings about how developers experience their working environments, how experiences of learning culture, agency, motivation, and belonging impact developer productivity, and the strategies that developers use to navigate these complex environments. 

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Agenda / Presenters

Dr. Cat Hicks

VP of Research Insights, Flow

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As the VP of Research Insights and the Director of the Developer Success Lab at Pluralsight, Cat Hicks studies the science of how developer teams learn and thrive. Cat is a social science leader in tech with expertise leading applied research teams to explore complex areas of human behavior, empirical intervention, and evidence science. Cat serves on the Advisory Council of the University of San Diego Center for Digital Civil Society, as a research affiliate in STEM education research at UC San Diego, and as an advocate for increasing education access. She holds a Ph.D. in Quantitative Experimental Psychology from UC San Diego, was an inaugural Fellow in the UC San Diego Design Lab, and has led research at organizations such as Google and Khan Academy.

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