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Intro to Python: The Basics of the Programmer's Swiss Army Knife

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Calendar icon Apr 12, 2023
Clock icon 12:30 PM CDT-1:30 PM CDT
Globe icon Americas

What you'll learn

Python is a versatile and widely used programming language in the tech industry today. It is an excellent language for beginners who are just starting with programming. It is widely used in automation, DevOps, data science, machine learning, web development, app development, administration, and more.

This session will introduce you to the fundamentals of Python programming language and its syntax.  In addition, you will get an overview of the Python ecosystem and its libraries, which will help you to build applications and solve real-world problems. By the end of this session, you will have a solid foundation in Python and be ready to dive deeper into this exciting programming language.

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The Host

Steve Buchanan

Steve Buchanan is a Principal Program Manager with a leading global tech giant focused on improving the cloud. He is a Pluralsight author, the author of eight technical books, Onalytica's Who’s Who in Cloud?-top 50, and a former 10-time Microsoft MVP. He has presented at tech events, including, DevOps Days, Open Source North, Midwest Management Summit (MMS), Microsoft Ignite, BITCon, Experts Live Europe, OSCON, Inside Azure management, keynote at Minnebar 18, and user groups. He has been a guest on over a dozen podcasts and has been featured in several publications including the Star Tribune (the 5th largest newspaper in the US). He stays active in the technical community and enjoys blogging about his adventures in the world of IT at

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