Tech Foundations Roundtable

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Calendar icon Apr 19, 2023
Clock icon 2:00 PM EST-3:00 PM EST
Globe icon Americas

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A lack of tech fluency within an organization can create knowledge gaps and misunderstandings that slow the pace of innovation. Pluralsight’s tech fluency solution, Tech Foundations, creates a shared technological understanding that removes barriers, paves the way for cross-functional dialogue, and increases collaboration.

Join Sam Pena, VP of North America Pre-Sales, in this small group, invite-only discussion to learn about a solution that empowers everyone, regardless of technical background, to become conversant in today’s most relevant technologies.


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Sam Pena

VP Solutions Architect for Pluralsight

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Sam Pena is the VP Solutions Architect for Pluralsight, an online Professional technology skills platform that helps improve IT learning and IT skills development/retention. Sam is responsible for the Solutions Architecture organization for North Americas and helps our customers create repeatable processes and learning experiences that educate and promote personal, as well as enterprise, productivity. Prior to joining Pluralsight, Sam has worked for analytics vendors and customers which included: Solutions Architect for Interana, a big data behavioral analytic company founded by two ex-Facebook engineers Led the Financial Services Engineering team for Qlik, a visual analytical platform. A business analyst for Deutsche Bank’s Market Data Services where he was responsible for building and deploying analytical BI Solutions to Business Management. Sam is an adjunct professor at NYU where he teaches Information Management and Data Analytics for the Master’s Program for the School of Professional Studies. Sam has a MS in Financial Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Manhattan College.

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