Navigating the road to cloud nirvana

Roadblocks and considerations for multicloud success

Multicloud is becoming the new normal across the globe. More than 70% of organizations that use the cloud now deliberately use multiple providers—a jump from 49% in 2017.

But while leaders can’t get enough of new cloud technology, learners are struggling to keep up: Only 8% of technologists have extensive experience with cloud tools. This gap creates some major challenges for orgs looking for success in their multicloud journeys.

Check out this report for all your multicloud intel, including:

  • How multicloud has developed so far. To better understand how we got here, we need to know where we’ve been. Get a crash course in multicloud history and why it’s become such a big deal.
  • How it may evolve in the future. Is multicloud a destination or just the beginning? Explore the new shapes it might take moving forward.
  • How to tackle the roadblocks on your way to multicloud success. A successful multicloud implementation is no picnic. It takes hard work, planning, and a whole lot of upskilling. Learn how to conquer the most common challenges.
Road to multicloud

Don’t wait. Get up to speed on all things multicloud today—and keep fueling innovation tomorrow. 

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