Microsoft Azure

Build new Azure skills your way

With a modality to fit everyone’s learning style, Pluralsight Skills and Microsoft Learn help you build Azure skills quickly and efficiently.

Pluralsight is deeply invested in helping you master Azure and prepare for certifications with content that complements what's available on Microsoft Learn. Discover how we've collaborated with Microsoft Azure to provide you with tools to develop deep expertise in all things Azure.

Assess your Azure skills

Every journey has to begin somewhere, and assessing where your skills stand has never been easier. Skill IQ and Role IQ will give you a starting place for what to learn and idetify where you have room to grow. Once you know what skills gaps exist, you'll get personalized content recommendations to fill those gaps. 


Resources to skill up, no matter what works for you

Whether you learn best with video modules, labs, technical readings or sandbox environments, there’s a solution for you. Create your custom learning collections on Microsoft Learn and organize your learning with channels and paths on Pluralsight. Once your learning plan is in place, brag about your skills by sharing Microsoft Learn badges and you Skill IQs on social media. 


Master and validate your skills

Learning paths on Microsoft Learn combined with certification paths on Pluralsight Skills help prepare you for Azure certification exams. 

Certifications can give you an industry-wide advantage, and according to Microsoft, people who earn certifications are 67% more confident in their abilities to perform their jobs, 41% have increased job satisfaction, and 35% receive a salary or wage increase.* 

Make sure you’re ready by taking advantage of the different learning modalities on Pluralsight Skills and Microsoft Learn as you prepare for certification. Discover the certification possibilities with an interactive map and associated certification paths now available on Pluralsight!

*See source here.

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