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Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers

  • Number of Courses6 courses
  • Duration10 hours

Working in an office environment usually means interacting with many different personalities. In this skill we cover how to recognize different personality types and being able to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically. By doing so we can contribute to a friendlier and more productive workplace. You will sharpen your interpersonal skills with this path, where you'll learn about emotional intelligence, how to determine your strengths using personality tests, and how to navigate company culture.

Courses in this path


In this beginner section we will introduce emotional intelligence basics. We will explain terminology and gain an understanding of what Emotional Intelligence is.


In this intermediate section we will talk about how to build healthy relationships and being able to work and communicate with different personalities. We will help you understand the Big Five Personality Traits and how to use these to get to know yourself and others.


In this advanced section we will cover how to handle difficult situations and how to lead with emotional intelligence.

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