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15 diagnostic questions to
improve engineering quality and velocity

Learn code review best practices for your team.

As a software development manager, executing consistent code reviews is essential for delivering high-quality code and solutions. Without code review best practices, team collaboration and developer satisfaction can plummet and your product can suffer.

In our interactive workbook, “Improve velocity and quality with efficient code reviews,” you’ll learn how to do . . . well, exactly that. Dive into 15 diagnostic questions to help you evaluate your current code review process and identify opportunities for improvement. Questions include:

  • Have you identified the why, when, who, what and where for your code reviews?

  • How are you adapting your code reviews to leverage the strengths of your team?

  • Are your teams reviewing code with the future in mind?

  • And more (12 more, to be exact)

Download our code review workbook and learn how to improve key aspects of your workflow that are critical for happier, more productive teams and becoming a stronger software development leader.

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