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The pillars of a successful
(and healthy) engineering team

Leading a modern software development team has never been more difficult. Your mandate isn’t just to deliver quality software faster but to also build and retain a strong, healthy team of developers. 

For nearly a decade, engineering leaders have been looking to use data to solve this nearly impossible task of understanding how their development teams are really doing. But that data is often too narrow to objectively understand their teams’ workflow and make improvements.

There are additional problems with this method: It can lead to team burnout, ineffective products and, ultimately, a rise of developers leaving for another organization. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Without an emphasis on team collaboration and positive team motivation, your organization will begin to see a rise of developers leaving for greener-looking pastures.

In our whitepaper, Team health and developer satisfaction: The pillars of a successful engineering team, you’ll learn about Pluralsight Flow’s Team Health Insights Report and its actionable insights that strengthen team communication and collaboration. You’ll also learn the key metrics that create a sustainable, happy and healthy team:

  • Culture

  • Activity 

  • Efficiency 

Want an even better understanding of your team’s health? Dig into the details of your engineer’s perspectives with our Developer Satisfaction Survey. Our Developer Satisfaction Survey is a quick and easy way to help you better connect with employees on how they’re feeling overall, where they’re finding friction in their daily work and how you can improve.

Don't forget to click the link at the end of our whitepaper to contact a Pluralsight representative to get your own team's survey up and running today.

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