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Excel Essentials

Course Summary

This course provides a comprehensive journey from fundamental navigation to simple data analysis, equipping participants with essential skills for effective spreadsheet use.

Gain a fundamental understanding of essential spreadsheet skills.
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Anyone with basic computer skills looking to advance their understansing of Excel
Skill level
Lecture | Hands-0n Activities
2 days
Related technologies
MS Office | Office 365


Learning objectives
  • Navigate within Excel and perform essential operations.
  • Use formulas for efficient data manipulation.
  • Validate data to enhance data accuracy.
  • Sort, filter, and visualize data.
  • Use PivotTables for dynamic data summarization.
  • Use simple macros for basic automation

What you'll learn:

In this course, you'll learn:
  • Introduction to Excel
    • Navigate the Excel interface.
    • Understand workbooks, worksheets, cells, and columns.
  • Data Entry and Formatting
    • Enter data efficiently.
    • Format text, numbers, and cells.
  • Basic Formulas and Functions
    • Understand the basics of formulas.
    • Understand relative, absolute, and mixed cell references.
    • Work with common functions
      • SUM
      • AVERAGE
      • COUNT
      • Others
  • Data Sorting and Filtering
    • Sort and filter data for better organization.
    • Utilize AutoFilter and custom sorting.
  • Advanced Formulas
    • Dive into more complex formulas.
      • VLOOKUP
      • IF
      • Others
  • Data Validation
    • Implement data validation rules.
    • Ensure data accuracy and consistency.
  • Charts and Graphs
    • Create visually appealing charts.
    • Customize and format charts for effective data representation.
  • PivotTables
    • Introduction to PivotTables for data summarization.
    • PivotTable customization and analysis.
  • Introduction to Macros
    • Understand the concept of macros.
    • Record and run simple macros for automation.

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