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Writing Technical White Papers

Course Summary

The Writing Technical White Papers training course is designed to help skilled contributors optimize the value of the papers being delivered. That means creating superior, on-message papers in less time for both writers and executives.

The course begins by leveraging hands-on exercises to help students internalize a proven, effective, and time-saving process. This process socializes writers' ideas while soliciting constructive feedback at each major milestone. Next, students maximize the impact of their content while eliminating time-wasting reworks. This reduces the time executives spend on under-developed ideas while maximizing the value of the feedback given to writers. The course concludes with reviewing writing white paper best practices.

Learn how to write persuasive white papers that obtain results.
Product Managers and Technical Leaders that have an idea for a white paper or have a draft paper in progress and/or previously completed.
Data Engineer - Data Scientist - Project Manager - Software Developer - Technical Manager - Web Developer
Skill Level
1 Day


Productivity Objectives
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the steps required for creating a white paper
  • Write a persuasive white paper
  • Solicit feedback and promote white papers

What You'll Learn:

In the Writing Technical White Papers training course, you'll learn:
  • Create a Standardized, Repeatable White Paper Creation Process
    • Begin with a Creative Brief (CB) that requires writers to think through their idea and to articulate it in a logical narrative
    • Armed with their CB, writers then socialize their ideas, solicit feedback, and focus their paper on the value-add content executives and peers demand
  • Review a current or future white paper project with the instructor for one-on-one or group mentoring
  • Practice translating their narrative concepts into a high-level outline to create the content skeleton of their paper
  • Learn how to create a detailed outline that fleshes out their proposal
  • Learn how to implement white paper writing best practices. From scheduling writing time to effective formatting, attendees begin to internalize the best practices developed by the instructor over his 20+ years of writing white papers.
  • Work with instructors to help students progress on a new or current white paper project
“I appreciated the instructor's technique of writing live code examples rather than using fixed slide decks to present the material.”


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