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Azure Cloud Cost Management

Course Summary

The Azure Cloud Cost Management course is designed to demonstrate how to monitor and control costs as well as how to maintain cost effectiveness.

The course begins with a review of Azure billing and pricing to understand how services are priced. Next, it covers in-depth governance features such as management groups, policies, tagging, and Azure Blueprints, which can be used to better analyze and control costs. The course concludes by explaining practical examples of ways to optimize specific resource types are presented and ideas for automation and frameworks to ensure adherence to best practices are discussed.

Learn how to analyze Azure costs and employ governance best practices to manage and optimize costs in an Azure account. Compare/contrast value and demand and evaluate decisions.
Software Developers, Cloud Architects, Technical Managers, Product Managers, Engineers and others responsible for managing costs in Azure.
Data Engineer - Data Scientist - DevOps Engineer - Software Developer - Technical Manager - Web Developer
Skill Level
2 Days
Related Technologies
Cloud Computing Training | Azure | Server Administration


Productivity Objectives
  • Explain how Azure pricing works
  • Analyze and manage costs
  • Leverage Azure cost management tools
  • Use governance features such as management groups, policies, tagging, and Azure Blueprints
  • Implement best practices to manage costs

What You'll Learn:

In the Azure Cloud Cost Management training course, you'll learn:
  • Pricing Calculator and cost factors
  • Flat rate versus variable cost resources and how to alert on outlier costs
    • Network and storage
    • VM, fixed, RIs
    • Cost analysis to understand which technologies are driving spend and tracking those products & services:
      • Cosmos DB
      • SQL
      • Kubernetes
      • VMs
      • Gateways
  • Subscription and Management Group architecture
  • Budgeting
    • Reports and cost management
  • Azure Cost Management
    • Reports: Built-in reports, ad-hoc analysis, and API usage
    • Alerts
    • Budgets and Forecasts
    • Recommendations (Azure Advisor)
    • Data Enrichment
  • Azure Governance
    • Azure Management Groups
    • Policy to control resource costs and types
    • Tag Internal document to be shared
  • Best practices
    • Turn off unused resources (manual or programmatic)
    • Reserved Instances and Reserved Capacity: both shared and single use for VMs and SQL
    • Save costs with SpotVMs
    • Seek opportunities to consolidate databases; deprecate those that are redundant
    • Orphaned resources
    • Utilization, right-size the selection of components
      • Size Databases, K8s
      • Size Databricks Clusters
      • Size Virtual Machines
      • Serverless options (scale and pause)
    • Blob storage lifecycle management
    • Cosmos TTL
    • Hybrid-use licenses (for Windows only), Software Assurance
    • Azure Data Explorer table cache-period
    • Manage storage and network transfer costs
    • Abandoned IPs
    • Example tag schemes
“I appreciated the instructor's technique of writing live code examples rather than using fixed slide decks to present the material.”


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