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Cloud Native Development Practices

Course Summary

The Cloud Native Development Practices course is designed to demonstrate enterprise software development, cloud development and delivery.

The course begins with an overview of cloud computing delivery models and comparison to traditional software delivery systems. Next, it explores the four major elements of a Cloud Native development approach: DevOps, Microservices, Continuous Delivery, and Containers. Finally, the course concludes by examining the best practices for migration from a software ecosystem that uses on-premises or hybrid on-prem/cloud infrastructure and delivery to a Cloud Native ecosystem.

Learn the knowledge and practical skills to design and deliver applications in a Cloud Native approach and create more secure, changeable, scalable and available applications.
Developers and developer teams needing to learn Cloud Native Development Practices.
Software Developer - Web Developer
Skill Level
2 Days
Related Technologies
Cloud Computing Training | Cloud Native


Productivity Objectives
  • Describe the principles, patterns, and technologies used in Cloud Native
  • Design, build and deliver highly scalable and changeable applications in the cloud
  • Determine the best approach to converting existing technology ecosystems to a Cloud Native approach

What You'll Learn:

In the Cloud Native Development Practices training course, you'll learn:
  • Cloud Native Basics
    • Definition of Cloud Native
    • Cloud computing delivery models compared to traditional models
  • The Case for a Cloud Native System
    • Demands on a modern technology team: security, changeability, scalability, and availability
    • Deficiencies of existing approaches
    • Cloud Native approach to these problems
  • Major Elements of Cloud Native Approach
    • DevOps - how to do it; how it solves the above challenges
    • Microservices - basic principles; how it solves the above challenges
    • Continuous Delivery - how to do it; how it solves the above challenges
    • Containerization - basic principles; how it solves the above challenges
  • Typical Architecture of a Cloud Native Application
    • Architectural principles
    • Demo of Cloud Native system
    • Creation, deployment and modification of basic app on that Cloud Native system
  • Migration to Cloud Native
    • Analysis of existing systems against Cloud Native principles
    • Decide what to move and what not to move
    • Compare Greenfield vs brownfield approaches
  • Review
    • Cloud Native principles, patterns and technologies
    • Development best practices
“I appreciated the instructor's technique of writing live code examples rather than using fixed slide decks to present the material.”


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