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Intermediate Google Cloud for Developers

Course Summary

The Intermediate Google Cloud for Developers training course is designed to introduce students already familiar with building and deploying software to Google Cloud to some of the more advanced features and functionality and how to build effective systems with these features.

The course starts with advanced App Engine and Kubernetes processes. Next, the course transitions to working with Cloud Endpoints, Apigee Edge, and Cloud Pubsub. The course concludes with learning about Google Cloud Platform (GCP) machine learning APIs.

Before attending this course, students should take the Google Cloud for Developers course or be familiar with all of the topics listed here: Google Cloud for Developers

Learn how to utilize advanced processes and practices for the platform to improve function and security.
Developers and developer teams who are looking to take their GCP skills to the next level.
Software Developer
Skill Level
Fast Track - Targeted Topic - Workshops
2 Days
Related Technologies
Google Cloud | CI/CD | Kubernetes


Productivity Objectives
  • Utilize advanced features of the Kubernetes Engine and App Engine.
  • Run Cloud Endpoints and Apigee Edge for API Gateway functionality.
  • Develop federated identity management.
  • Employ Google Cloud Pubsub for decoupled messaging.
  • Integrate intelligence into software with pre-built ML APIs.

What You'll Learn:

In the Intermediate Google Cloud for Developers training course, you'll learn:
  • Advanced App Engine
    • Working with Task Queues and Cron Jobs
    • Setting up custom domains and SSL
    • Managing version deployment with traffic splitting
    • Advanced service configuration
    • Using the Admin API to manage your services from code
  • Advanced Kubernetes Engine
    • Working with RBAC
    • Cluster and Pod Vertical/Horizontal Auto-scaling
    • Container-native and Internal Load Balancing
    • VPC-native clusters and Cluster network policies
    • Different Service types and automatic Cloud Load Balancer creation
    • SSL management
    • Working with Cluster Federation
    • Working with Secrets and ConfigMaps
    • Kubernetes client libraries and controlling the cluster from code
  • Applied Kubernetes
    • Canary releases
    • Blue/green deployment
    • Generating artificial traffic loads
    • Implementing retries
    • Failovers
    • Inter-microservice latency measurements
  • Working with Cloud Endpoints, Apigee Edge, and Cloud Pubsub
    • Working with Cloud Endpoints
    • Working with Apigee Edge
    • Working with Cloud Pubsub
  • Authentication and Authorization
    • Password/Token management, Oauth, OpenID, SAML overview
    • Using Firebase Authentication
    • Working with Google Sign-in and Identity Aware Proxy
    • Working with Cloud Identity for Customers and Partners
  • Working with Google Cloud Pre-built Machine Learning APIs
    • Working with Cloud Vision API
    • Working with Cloud Speech API
    • Working with Cloud Natural Language API
    • Working with Cloud AutoML
“I appreciated the instructor's technique of writing live code examples rather than using fixed slide decks to present the material.”


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