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Moving to the Cloud

Course Summary

The Moving to the Cloud training course provides an overview of the key concepts, technologies, products, implications, paradigms, development methodologies, project management practices, and business models/implications associated with developing a platform-based infrastructure such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Students start by reviewing the history of the Cloud, as well as the current trends in the industry. The course then provides some strategies with dealing with the Cloud paradigm shift and will then describe a process for how to move operations to the cloud. The course concludes with an introduction to AWS and how to work with it. This course can be delivered to support AWS, Google, RackSpace, and other cloud computing/PaaS solutions.

The Moving to the Cloud training course is applicable for all roles within a software development organization and does not require a programming or deep technical expertise.

Learn how to enable the communication and understanding required to effectively support, manage and migrate to AWS.
All roles in the software development organization involved with the move to the cloud.
Business Analyst - Project Manager - Q/A - Software Developer - System Administrator - Technical Manager - Web Developer
Skill Level
1 Day
Related Technologies
AWS | Azure | Google Cloud


Productivity Objectives
  • Explain "the Cloud" and respond to the changing technical environment.
  • Define your role in your organization's migration to the cloud.
  • Participate in migration planning.
  • Configure and access a simple instance of AWS.

What You'll Learn:

In the Moving to the Cloud training course, you'll learn:
  • Why Move to the Cloud (History, Motivations, Current Trends)
    • Enterprise solutions v. "the Cloud"
    • Types of Current Cloud offerings
  • Dealing with the Cloud Paradigm Shift
    • Changes to the software engineering process
    • Shifting roles and responsibilities
    • Creating and defining standards
    • Security and Identities
    • Validating production
  • Moving to the Cloud
    • Migration Planning
    • Cloud maturity model
    • Compliance and Compatibility
    • Estimating / Costing
    • Capacity Planning
    • Reporting / Monitoring
  • Introduction to AWS
    • Alphabet soup - understanding the acronyms
    • Overview of AWS Products and Services
  • Working with AWS
    • Creating a simple instance
    • Configuring and accessing
    • Deploying and monitoring a simple HelloWorld application
“I appreciated the instructor's technique of writing live code examples rather than using fixed slide decks to present the material.”


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