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OpenStack Administration

Course Summary

The OpenStack Administration training course is designed to demonstrate an in-depth overview of the Open Source Cloud Operating System, OpenStack.

The course begins with an exploration of Openstack, where it's being leveraged and how students can leverage it within an environment. Next, it discusses about the OpenStack architecture and key components. The course concludes with interpreting how to setup, manage, and administer cloud platforms created with OpenStack.

Learn how to build an open cloud with OpenStack.
Developers, System Administrators, Architects, Cloud Administrators wanting to leverage OpenStack.
Software Developer - System Administrator
Skill Level
3 Days
Related Technologies
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Productivity Objectives
  • Compare OpenStack to other cloud platforms
  • Describe OpenStack and how it can be leveraged in an environment
  • Summarize the OpenStack architecture
  • Design and manage a basic private cloud with OpenStack

What You'll Learn:

In the OpenStack Administration training course, you'll learn:
  • Introduction to the OpenStack Architecture
  • OpenStack Installation
  • Install and Secure the Message Broker
  • Deploy the Keystone Identity Service
  • Manage the Swift Object Storage Service
  • Deploy the Glance Image Service
  • Install the Cinder Service and Manage Volumes
  • Configure OpenStack Networking
  • Manage Nova Compute and Controller
  • Manage Additional Compute Nodes
  • Install and Configure the Heat Orchestration Service
  • Deploy the Ceilometer Metering Service
  • OpenStack Future Directions
“I appreciated the instructor's technique of writing live code examples rather than using fixed slide decks to present the material.”


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