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Generative AI for Business Leaders

Course Summary

This course will provide business leaders with an understanding of the concepts and potential impact Generative AI can have on business decisions. Through the introduction and discussion of practical applications of Generative AI in business context, participants will be able to envision strategies that will enhance business outcomes using Generative AI. Understanding the importance of ethical considerations, challenges and societal considerations for deploying applications will also be discussed.

Describe the concepts and potential impact Gen AI can have on business decisions.
Leaders with an interest  in understanding how AI can drive innovation in business.
Business Leaders | Departmental Managers
Skill level
Lecture | Facilitated Discussions | Case Studies
2 days
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Productivity objectives
  • Introduce business leaders to the concept of Generative AI and its potential impact.
  • Highlight practical applications of Generative AI in various business contexts.
  • Discuss ethical considerations and challenges in deploying Generative AI.
  • Enable participants to envision strategies for leveraging Generative AI to enhance business outcomes.

What you'll learn:

In this course, you'll learn:
  • Introduction to Generative AI
    • Defining Generative AI and its relevance for businesses.
    • Distinguishing Generative AI from other AI approaches.
    • Key benefits and potential applications.
  • Generative Models Overview
    • Brief overview of Generative models: Autoencoders, VAEs, GANs.
    • Understanding how Generative models create data and content.
    • Practical examples of Generative AI applications.
  • Marketing and Personalization
    • Content generation for marketing campaigns and personalized experiences.
    • Leveraging Generative AI to enhance customer engagement.
    • Case studies showcasing effective marketing strategies.
  • Ethical Considerations and Challenges
    • Addressing bias and fairness in Generative AI applications.
    • Navigating legal and ethical implications.
    • Ensuring transparency and accountability.
  • Business Strategy and Future Trends
    • Identifying opportunities for integrating Generative AI into business operations.
    • Trends and potential impacts on industries.
    • Creating a preliminary roadmap for adopting Generative AI.
  • Real-world Applications and Discussion
    • In-depth analysis of practical Generative AI use cases across industries.
    • Facilitated discussions on challenges and opportunities

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