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Introduction to Apache Kafka

Course Summary

The Introduction to Apache Kafka training course will provide the path for how to develop a scalable and robust messaging implementation with Kafka, a distributed, partitioned, replicated commit log service.

Learn how to use the high-throughput, distributed, publish-subscribe messaging system Apache Kafka.
This class is targeted at developers and those who would be implementing producers and consumers in a kafka topology. Prior experience with java required.
Software Developer
Skill Level
Hack-a-thon - Learning Spikes - Workshops
2 Days
Related Technologies
Hadoop | Apache Kafka | Apache


Productivity Objectives
  • Learn the fundamentals of Kafka
  • Gain understanding on how Kafka fits into the Hadoop ecosystem as well as the enterprise
  • Build consumers and producers and integrate with other ecosystem products
  • Make Kafka scale

What You'll Learn:

In the Introduction to Apache Kafka training course, you'll learn:
  • Overview
    • Use Cases
    • Ecosystem
  • Producer API
  • Consumer API
    • High Level
    • Simple
  • Configuration
    • Broker
    • Consumer
    • Producer
    • New Producer
  • Design Points
    • Persistence
    • Producer
    • Consumer
    • Message Delivery
    • Replication
    • Log Compaction
“I appreciated the instructor's technique of writing live code examples rather than using fixed slide decks to present the material.”


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