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Intermediate Terraform

Course Summary

The Intermediate Terraform training course will analyze the flexibility and power of Terraform. The course covers how Terraform can build and scale highly reliable infrastructure for environments. Using real-world examples, the course will cover how Terraform can be used to manage AWS applications. Applications as small as a few EC2 instances will be reviewed. Students will also learn how Terraform can manage a massively distributed infrastructure that spans the globe.

The course begins with students working on a project using Terraform project files. Students will extend their project by using input variables and data sources. Next, students will learn about error handling and built-in functions. The course concludes with students creating loops and learning about variable manipulation.

Before attending this course, students should take the Introduction to Terraform course or be familiar with all of the topics listed here: Introduction to Terraform

Pre-requisites include a basic understanding of Linux/Unix system concepts and familiarity with:

    • Command Line Interface (CLI)

    • Text Editor

    • Fundamentals of AWS components

Learn how to use Terraform to build and scale highly reliable infrastructure.
Web developers wanting to learn how to utilize Terraform to manage AWS applications.
DevOps Engineer - Technical Manager - Web Developer
Skill Level
Learning Spikes - Workshops
2 Days
Related Technologies
AWS | CI/CD | Terraform


Productivity Objectives
  • Describe the Terraform provisioning system
  • Use Terraform to manage AWS applications
  • Assess the use of Terraform to build and scale infrastructure

What You'll Learn:

In the Intermediate Terraform training course, you'll learn:
  • Setting up Learning Environments
  • Terraform Project
    • Terraform project files
    • HCL YAML
    • Types
    • Resources
    • Commands
    • Terraform Init
  • Extending Your Project
    • Input Variables
    • Locals
    • Data Sources
    • Local-Exec, Local-Remote, Null
  • How Terraform Works
    • State
      • Extracting Data from Statefile
    • Computing Plans
    • Executing Plans
  • Providers and the AWS Provider
    • Provider Overview
    • The AWS Provider
    • Templates
  • Reuse Patterns in Terraform
    • Workspaces
    • Outputs
    • Modules
      • Source: local and external (i.e., public repos)
      • Using nested directory module 'source' and 'outputs'
  • Terraform Best Practices
  • Survey of Advanced Terraform Capabilities
  • Error Handling and Debugging in Terraform
    • Types: Terraform vs Provider (i.e., AWS)
    • Pre-Induced Errors in Terraform and AWS
  • Built-in Functions and Interpolation
    • Data Types (Maps, Lists, etc)
    • How to deal with Output when a resource is conditional
  • Keeping Terraform in Sync with Resources
    • Configuration drift
    • Drift use cases
    • Refresh command
    • Importing existing resources
  • Using Terraform to Configure EC2 Instances
  • Terraform Backends
  • Creating Loops
    • Via Count
  • Variable Manipulation Between Strings, Maps, and Lists
    • Length
    • Count
    • Join
    • Split
    • List to/from map conversion
  • Terraform Documentation Deep-Dive
  • Mastery
“I appreciated the instructor's technique of writing live code examples rather than using fixed slide decks to present the material.”


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