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PowerShell Fundamentals

Course Summary

The PowerShell Core Fundamentals training course is designed to help students deepen their understanding of PowerShell and its mechanics for the Windows platform.

The course begins with an introduction to Powershell and its fundamentals in creating sophisticated automation scripts. Next, it demonstrates integration of multiple collaboration tool sets and services. The course concludes by teaching security to build a strong base for effective usage of the language.

Promote an in-depth understanding of PowerShell and its use in systems administration.
IT/System Administrators who have some familiarity with PowerShell and are looking to strengthen their foundation in the language for expanding automation skills on the Windows platform.
System Administrator
Skill Level
3 Days
Related Technologies
Azure | IT


Productivity Objectives
  • Utilize PowerShell for retrieving key information about a Windows system using various search and filter techniques
  • Demonstrate the ability to effectively leverage PowerShell for automating specific tasks
  • Combine PowerShell modules and cmdlets to create scripts for automating more sophisticated workflows
  • Build scripts that automate collaboration functions and services, leveraging a strong PowerShell foundation developed throughout the course

What You'll Learn:

In the PowerShell Fundamentals training course, you'll learn:
  • Overview
    • Good things about Powershell
    • How Powershell is different
    • Comparing versions
  • Terminal Fundamentals
    • Use Get-Help, Get-Command, and --Whatif
    • Data Types, Aliases, and Operators
    • Work with the Pipeline
    • Select, sort, and measure objects
  • Language
    • Work with Variables, Arrays, and Hash Tables
    • Send pipeline data as output
    • Work with PS Providers and PS Drives
    • Conditions and loops (if, for, while, and switch)
  • Actual Work
    • Work with Files and Folders
    • Work formats: CSV, JSON, HTML, and XML
    • Understand Modules and Sessions
    • Log and handle errors
  • Windows Specifics
    • PowerShell Security and Execution Policies
    • Read Registry Data
    • Work with WMI/CIM
    • Background and Scheduled Jobs
  • Best Practices
    • Design for reuse
    • Unit test with Pester
    • Approach to refactoring
    • Cultural considerations
“I appreciated the instructor's technique of writing live code examples rather than using fixed slide decks to present the material.”


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