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Android Development Fast Track

Course Summary

The Android Development Fast Track training course course is designed to demonstrate how to apply a variety of key concepts necessary for learning Android app development.

The course begins with creating an application using the Android Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Next, it dives into composing a simple Hello World app. The course concludes with exploring about Android Studio and the Android Application Programming Interface (API).

Pre-Requisites: Experience developing software using an Object-Oriented (OO) programming language is recommended. This program is designed for individuals who are very comfortable with technology, comfortable coding and wish to develop apps professionally.

Learn about the basic concepts of how to build Android applications.
People with some knowledge of software development using object-oriented programming.
Software Developer
Skill Level
2 Days
Related Technologies
Java | Android | Kotlin


Productivity Objectives
  • Create and run Apps in Android Studio
  • Design Apps in Android Studio
  • Utilize Android design patterns
  • Analyze and apply the Android APIs
  • Explain how to distribute Apps

What You'll Learn:

In the Android Development Fast Track training course, you'll learn:
  • Course Objectives
    • Build and run apps using Android Studio
    • Understand the difference between native and other types of apps
    • Learn the alternatives to the Android SDK for writing apps
    • Access the Android API documentation
    • Analyze the file structure of an Android project
    • Inspect the concept of an Activity and its lifecycle
    • Assess general Android design guidelines
    • Review the concept of a Fragment and its lifecycle
  • Intro to Android
    • Android as the World Leader
    • Android Devices
    • Features of Android
  • Your First Android App
    • Hello World
    • Android Studio
    • Add TextView and ImageViews
  • Native and Hybrid Apps
    • What's a Native app?
    • What's a Web app?
    • What's a Hybrid app?
    • What are the different tools for building apps?
  • Android Studio
    • Android Studio
    • Installation of Android Studio:
    • Android SDK Manager
    • Android Virtual Devices (AVDs)
    • Overview of IDE and Editor
    • Overview of Gradle Build System
  • Android Challenges
    • Fragmentation, fragmentation, fragmentation
    • Testing
    • So Many Devices
    • Various Screen Sizes
    • Multiple OS Versions
    • Several Screen Sizes and Densities
    • Landscape vs Portrait
    • Solutions to challenges
  • Android Design
    • Mobile vs Standard Users
    • Understanding Mobile Devices
    • User Interface
    • Designing to Your Audience
    • Primary Elements of a Successful Mobile App
    • Intuitive User Interfaces
    • Android UI
    • Design Patterns
  • Persistent Data
    • Shared Preferences
    • Internal Storage
    • External Storage
    • SQLite database
    • Network
  • Localization/Internationalization
    • Create additional XML resource files in other languages
    • Android chooses the correct language based on the user's preferred language
    • Place new folders in subfolders of the res folder
    • If there are no resources for locale, defaults are used
  • Android Resources
“I appreciated the instructor's technique of writing live code examples rather than using fixed slide decks to present the material.”


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