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CSS for Server-Side Developers

Course Summary

The CSS for Server-Side Developers course teaches developers to utilize the key Cascading Style Sheets(CSS) concepts required to support back-end server-side development.

The course begins with an exploration of CSS basics and selectors, like pseudo class. Next, it then transitions into discussing the box model, floating, and positioning. The course concludes by covering page layouts, bugs, and working with older browsers.

Learn how to utilize the key CSS concepts required to support back-end server-side development.
Server side developers needing to maintain CSS code.
Software Developer - Technical Manager
Skill Level
1 Day
Related Technologies
Front-End Development Training | Web Development | CSS


Productivity Objectives
  • Distinguish between the major important selectors to use when styling pages with CSS
  • Utilize the Box Model, float and position properties to position elements on a page and relative to one another
  • Modify stylesheets using hacks and filters to make them compatible with older browsers
  • Troubleshoot and fix common CSS bugs

What You'll Learn:

In the CSS for Server-Side Developers training course, you'll learn:
  • Cascading Style Sheets Orientation
    • The benefits of CSS
    • How style sheets work
    • CSS style rules
    • Attach styles to (X)HTML documents
      • Inheritance
      • Cascade
      • Specificity
      • Rule order
      • The box model
  • Formatting Text
    • The font properties
    • Units of measurement
    • Text color
    • Text line settings - line height, indents and alignment
    • Underlines
    • Capitalization
    • Letter and word spacing
    • Descendant (contextual), ID and class selectors
    • Specificity basics
  • CSS Basics
    • Inline
    • Embedded
    • External
    • Style sheets for print and other media
  • More Selectors
    • Pseudoclass and pseudoelement selectors
    • Universal selector
    • Child and adjacent sibling selectors
    • Attribute selectors
  • Box Model - Padding, Borders & Margins
    • Element Boxes
    • Set box dimensions
    • Add padding around content
    • Add borders
    • Add margins
    • Assign display roles
  • Floating and Positioning
    • Floating elements to the left and right
    • Clear floated elements
    • Relative positions
    • Absolute positioning and containing blocks
    • Fixed position
  • Page Layouts
    • Fixed, liquid and elastic page layouts
    • Two and Three column layouts using floats
    • Two and Three column layouts using absolute positioning
    • Center a fixed-width page
  • Hacks and Filters (Working with older browsers)
    • Filter separate stylesheets
    • Filter individual rules and declarations
    • Child selector hack
    • Attribute selector hack
    • Star HTML hack
    • Box model hack
  • Bugs and Bug Fixing
    • CSS Validation
    • Specificity in depth
    • Margin Collapses
    • Firefox extensions
    • Use "layout"
    • Common bugs & fixes
    • Double-margin float
    • Three-pixel job bug
    • Absolute positions in a relative container
“I appreciated the instructor's technique of writing live code examples rather than using fixed slide decks to present the material.”


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