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Intermediate React & Flux

Course Summary

The Intermediate React & Flux course teaches developers to build increasingly complex apps using React.js and Flux.

The course begins with an in depth examination of Flux. Next, it explores concepts like data flow, dispatchers, stores, views, and actions. The course concludes with a discussion around how to properly test React and Flux-based applications.

Prerequisites: A basic understanding of React.

Learn how to build Increasingly complex applications using React.js and Flux.
JavaScript and Front-End Developers with prior React experience looking to learn Flux.
Software Developer - Web Developer
Skill Level
Fast Track - Targeted Topic - Workshops
3 Days
Related Technologies
JavaScript | React | Web Development


Productivity Objectives
  • Describe what the React library is and what problem it solves
  • Gain a deeper knowledge of React components, ES6 and JSX
  • Utilize Flux and Redux to create state management in React applications
  • Build connect stateful and stateless components using state and props
  • Implement unit tests for React components

What You'll Learn:

In the Intermediate React & Flux training course, you'll learn:
  • React and ES2015
    • ES2015 features which impact React
    • How to create components with ES2015
    • Use Babel for ES2015 and JSX
    • Utilize WebPack with React
    • Use Immutable.js
  • Advanced React Components
    • Component Life-Cycle
    • Virtual DOM
    • Events
    • State Machines
    • Compositions
    • Communication Between Components
    • Reusable Components
    • Cloning Components
  • Introduction to Flux
    • Key Flux concepts
    • Actions
    • Dispatchers
    • Stores
    • Flows
  • Building your first Flux application
    • Organizing your in code and understanding the mental model
    • Creating your Hello World
    • Incorporating AJAX and Web Sockets
  • Working with Dispatchers
    • Understand the purpose and design
    • Callbacks and the Dispatcher
  • Stores
    • Understand the purpose of stores
    • Associating stores with the dispatcher
  • Components
    • How to connect into stores
      • How to connect into actions
  • Redux
    • Explore differences between Redux and normal Flux
    • Reducer Functions
    • Work with one store
    • Advantages and Disadvantages of Redux
  • Working with the DOM
    • Referencing DOM Elements
    • DOM Manipulation
    • HTML5 Drag and Drop
  • Node.js and Server DOM Manipulation
  • Unit Testing with TestUtils
    • Unit Testing with Mocha, Chai and Sinon
    • How to write React Component Unit Tests with Mocha and Chai
    • How to spy with Sinon
    • Testing Components
    • Testing DOM Manipulations
    • Testing Properties and State
    • Simulating Events
  • Conclusion
“I appreciated the instructor's technique of writing live code examples rather than using fixed slide decks to present the material.”


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