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Introduction to Kotlin

Course Summary

The Introduction to Kotlin training course will introduce students to the Kotlin programming language. Through a series of interactive lectures and labs, students will develop an awareness of the libraries and tools available specifically for Kotlin and Android consumption, and its interoperability with existing Java code and libraries.

The course begins by providing an overview of Kotlin and introduction to Intellij IDEA then moves into basic type systems. Next, students will also learn about control flow, operators and expressions and classes, and inheritance. The course concludes with students exploring abstract, inner, and anonymous classes as well as functions.

This course is intended for those with little or no prior knowledge of Kotlin. It is the perfect prerequisite for the Intermediate Kotlin course.

Learn the Kotlin programming language and begin programming in it.
Software Developers looking to adopt Kotlin.
Software Developer - Web Developer
Skill Level
Fast Track - Learning Spikes - Workshops
2 Days
Related Technologies
Java | Android | Kotlin


Productivity Objectives
  • Write simple programs using the Kotlin language.
  • Utilize libraries and tools specifically for Kotlin and Android consumption.
  • Describe Java interoperability with existing code and libraries.

What You'll Learn:

In the Introduction to Kotlin training course, you'll learn:
  • What is Kotlin?
    • History of Kotlin
    • Introduction to Intellij IDEA
    • First Kotlin program (Hello World)
      • Comments
      • Function syntax
      • No semicolons
      • String interpolation
      • Print statements
      • Packages/import statements
  • Basic type system
    • Val vs Var
      • lateinit
    • Primitive types
      • Int, Double, Long -> No implicit casting (For ex. addition)
      • list/array/set literals
    • Nullability
      • ? vs !!
      • Elvis operator
      • Let, Apply, Also
  • Control Flow
    • Functions in Kotlin
    • Default Parameters
    • Single Line Expressions
    • If/Else
      • Smart Casting
      • Regular casting
    • Loops
      • For Loop
      • For each
      • Range
      • Map
      • Filter
    • When statement
  • Operators and Expressions
    • Assignment Operator
    • Arithmetic Operator
    • Relational Operators
    • Logical Operators
    • Increment and Decrement Operators
    • Operate-Assign Operators (+=,etc.)
    • The Conditional Operator
    • Operator Precedence
    • Type Conversion in Kotlin
  • Classes and Inheritance
    • Any
  • Primary/Secondary Constructors
  • Init block
  • This Keyword
  • Creating Instances of a Class
  • Properties and Fields
  • Companion Object
  • Interfaces
  • Visibility Modifiers (Private, Public, Protected, Internal)
  • Abstract Classes
  • Inner Classes
  • Anonymous Class
  • Functions
    • Calling Functions
    • Defining Functions
    • Function Parameters
    • Variable argument parameters functions
    • Overriding functions
  • Data Classes
  • Sealed Class
  • Object
“I appreciated the instructor's technique of writing live code examples rather than using fixed slide decks to present the material.”


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