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Jakarta EE Design Patterns

Course Summary

The Jakarta EE Design Patterns training course examines the catalog of Jakarta Enterprise Edition (EE) Design Patterns.

The beginning of the Jakarta EE Design Patterns training goes through all three categories of patterns, presentation tier, business tier, and integration tier. In addition to examining the patterns, the Jakarta EE Design Patterns training then looks at the history of Jakarta EE design patterns, the appropriateness of their adoption in Jakarta EE 5 - Jakarta EE 7, and sample implementations. The course concludes with a Jakarta EE case study.

Learn about the best practices, principles, and patterns used to design scalable and extensible Jakarta Enterprise Edition (EE) applications.
Experienced Jakarta EE developers needing to design enterprise-class software with Jakarta EE.
Software Developer
Skill Level
3 Days
Related Technologies
Java | Web Development | Design Patterns


Productivity Objectives
  • Translate the Jakarta EE Design Patterns
  • Distinguish the Design Patterns
  • Explain the different classifications of Design Patterns

What You'll Learn:

In the Jakarta EE Design Patterns training course, you'll learn:
  • History, Motivations, and Overview of Design Pattern Principles
  • Understanding How and Where Design Patterns Fit into Jakarta Enterprise Edition
  • Presentation-tier Design Patterns
    • Intercept filter
    • Front controller
    • Application controller
    • Composite view
    • View helper
    • Dispatcher view
    • Service to worker
    • Model view controller
  • Business-Tier Design Patterns
    • Application service
    • Business delegate
    • Service locator
    • Session facade
    • Transfer object
    • Business object
    • Value list handler
    • Composite entity
    • Transfer object assembler
  • Integration-Tier Design Patterns
    • Service activator
    • Domain store
    • Web service broker
    • Data access object
  • Applicability of Design Patterns in Jakarta EE 5, Jakarta EE 6, and Jakarta EE 7
  • Jakarta EE Case-study: refactoring into Jakarta EE patterns (included as part of workshop)
“I appreciated the instructor's technique of writing live code examples rather than using fixed slide decks to present the material.”


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