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React and Redux Unit Testing

Course Summary

The React and Redux Unit Testing training course brings students up to speed with unit testing React/Redux JavaScript applications.

The course begins with students using Facebook's popular Jest unit testing framework to explore the concepts and best practices of unit testing through coding unit tests for React components and Redux parts. The course will then explore how to organize test suites, tests, and use spies and assertions to validate that code is executing as expected. Using the Enzyme library, all three approaches to testing React components will be covered: snapshot testing, Document Object Model (DOM) testing, and shallow testing. The course will conclude with a Redux lesson on testing reducers, action, mapping functions and asynchronous code with thunk and sagas will be covered.

Prior working knowledge and practical experience of Modern JavaScript, React and Redux are assumed for this course.

Learn how to unit test with React/Redux JavaScript applications.
Web developers wanting to learn how to unit test React/Redux JavaScript applications.
Web Developer
Skill Level
Targeted Topic - Workshops
2 Days
Related Technologies
JavaScript | Redux | React


Productivity Objectives
  • Complete unit testing of synchronous and asynchronous JavaScript code
  • Complete unit testing of React Components with Enzyme
  • Complete unit testing of Redux Code including Thunks and Sagas
  • Describe best practices and patterns for coding unit tests

What You'll Learn:

In the React and Redux Unit Testing training course, you'll learn:
  • Introduction
    • What is Unit Testing?
    • JavaScript Unit Testing
    • React & Redux Unit Testing
  • Unit Testing Review
    • Purpose of Unit Testing
    • Benefits of Unit Testing
    • Limitations of Unit Testing
    • Styles and Approaches of Unit Testing
  • JavaScript Unit Testing Tools
    • Jest API Overview
    • Integrating with the Create React
    • Organize Tests and Test Suites
    • Assertion Strategies
    • Spies
    • TDD vs. BDD
    • Code Coverage
  • Unit Testing React
    • React Testing Tools and Enzyme
    • Kinds of Testing: Snapshot, DOM and Shallow
    • Snapshot Testing
    • Managing Snapshots
    • DOM Testing
    • Mock DOM with JSDOM
    • Shallow Testing
    • Testing DOM structure
    • Testing Event Handlers
  • Unit Testing Redux
    • Testing Reducers
    • Testing Action Creators
    • Testing Mapping Functions
    • Asynchronous Unit Testing
    • Testing Redux Thunk Code
    • Generators and Unit Testing
    • Testing Redux-Saga Code
“I appreciated the instructor's technique of writing live code examples rather than using fixed slide decks to present the material.”


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