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Redux Sagas for React/Redux Applications

Course Summary

The Redux Sagas for React/Redux Apps training course brings you up to speed with JavaScript generators and the Redux Saga library for managing asynchronous operations within a Redux-based JavaScript application.

To kick off the course, a review of JavaScript generators and asynchronous programming will be covered. All topics will be covered from a best practices and conceptual perspective with lots of hands-on practical coding. Next, an existing application will be enhanced to use Redux Saga to manage asynchronous operations. The course concludes by covering standard REST services operations, running tasks in parallel, error handling, sequencing sagas, composing sagas, cancelling sagas and exploring the Redux Saga fork model.

Prior working knowledge and practical experience of Modern JavaScript, React and Redux is assumed for this course.

Learn to manage asynchronous operations within a Redux-based JavaScript application and manage code using Redux Saga library.
Web developers with extensive experience in developing React & Redux applications and extensive coding experience with JavaScript.
Web Developer
Skill Level
Targeted Topic - Workshops
2 Days
Related Technologies
JavaScript | React | Redux | Web Development


Productivity Objectives
  • Utilize JavaScript Generators to manage Asynchronous Code
  • Employ the Redux Saga library to manage Asynchronous Code for React/Redux Applications
  • Manage Asynchronous Operations in Sequence and in Parallel and Compose Sagas
  • Handle Errors with Redux Saga

What You'll Learn:

In the Redux Sagas for React/Redux Applications training course, you'll learn:
  • Introduction
    • What is Redux Saga?
    • Redux Saga compared to Redux Thunk
    • Benefits of Saga over Thunk
  • JavaScript Review
    • What is Asynchronous Programming?
    • Callbacks, Promises & Async/Await (quick review)
    • What are Generators?
    • function*, yield and yield*
    • Explore the Generator API
    • Iterators, Iterables, Symbol.Iterator, For-Of Loop
    • ES2018 Asynchronous Iteration
    • Using Generators and Promises Together
  • Redux Saga Basics
    • Installing and Configuring Redux Saga
    • Create and Explore a Saga
    • Performing REST Service Operations with a Saga
    • Handling Errors
  • Redux Saga Patterns
    • Sequential Sagas
    • Parallel Sagas
    • Composing Sagas
    • Cancelling Tasks
    • Undering the Saga Fork Model
    • Concurrency Patterns
    • Saga with Redux (overview only)
    • Channels (overview only)
“I appreciated the instructor's technique of writing live code examples rather than using fixed slide decks to present the material.”


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