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Testing Angular with Jasmine

Course Summary

The Testing Angular with Jasmine course is designed to demonstrate how to effectively test Angular applications using Jasmine.

The course begins with a conceptual review of testing, Jasmine syntax, and Angular architecture. Next, it examines how to use the Angular scenario runner as well as Angular mocks to run tests on all aspects of Angular applications, including controllers, filters, and services. It concludes with exercises and an exploration of Protractor and Selenium.

Learn how to effectively test Angular applications using Jasmine.
Front-end developers using Angular wanting to adopt TDD or BDD strategies.
Software Developer
Skill Level
1 Day
Related Technologies
JavaScript | Web Development | Angular | Selenium | Testing


Productivity Objectives
  • Identify the testing areas associated with Angular
  • Create Angular Mocks and basic unit tests
  • Independently test controllers, filters, directives, and services

What You'll Learn:

In the Testing Angular with Jasmine training course, you'll learn:
  • Concepts review
    • Testing concepts
    • Reviewing Jasmine
    • Reviewing AngularJS Architecture
  • Angular scenario runner
    • End-to-End (E2E) tests
    • Simulating user interaction
    • Pages and routes navigation
    • Pages reloads
    • Location object
    • Expectations
    • Page content interaction
    • Angular Binding review
    • Form interaction
    • Loops tests
  • Angular mocks (http mocks, etc)
    • Understanding Angular Mocks library with 'angular-mocks.js'
    • Injecting dependency
    • Faking HTTP back-end with '$httpBackend'
    • Setting expectations with 'expect'
    • Handling requests
    • Setting back-end definitions with 'when'
    • Stubbing responses and calls
    • Examining jasmine spies
  • Writing Effective Tests
    • Page content
    • controllers, Unit and E2E
    • filters, Unit and E2E
    • directives, Unit and E2E
    • services/factories, Unit and E2E
    • templates, Unit and E2E
    • events, Unit and E2E
  • Advanced topics
    • Continuous integration
    • Code coverage
    • remote/distributed testing
  • Protractor E2E
    • Protractor & Karma differences
    • WebDriver
    • Selenium
    • Protractor configuration
    • Using 'element' & 'by'
    • Page Objects
“I appreciated the instructor's technique of writing live code examples rather than using fixed slide decks to present the material.”


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