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Working with Spinnaker

Course Summary

The Working with Spinnaker training course is designed to introduce students to the Spinnaker continuous delivery platform.

The course begins by covering the key foundations of Spinnaker's model for enabling typical application deployment and management scenarios, specifically when it comes to enabling easy and efficient ways of doing so in Cloud infrastructure. It will then dive further into Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines, and how Spinnaker thinks of and makes use of pipelines to enable its application deployment model and flow. Along the way, students will look closely at each of Spinnaker's key features for standard and at times, not-so-standard use-cases. The course concludes by delving into the administration of Spinnaker itself, including info on the installation processes as well as scaling and ensuring production availability, monitoring, and other related topics for administering and working with Spinnaker.

Learn a comprehensive understanding of Spinnaker's features and capabilities in relation to the standard CI/CD concepts it supports.
DevOps, system administrators, and release engineers wanting to adopt Spinnaker.
DevOps Engineer - System Administrator
Skill Level
Targeted Topic - Workshops
2 Days
Related Technologies
CI/CD | Spinnaker


Productivity Objectives
  • Differentiate the aspects of the Spinnaker application model and how they relate to automating deployments and/or resource management.
  • Grasp continuous integration and delivery/deployment pipelines and how they relate to Spinnaker's pipelines, stages, etc. for deploying applications to the Cloud.
  • Assess the available provider integrations for Spinnaker and capabilities for working on less standard, non-provider-based deployments, and automated scenarios.
  • Install Spinnaker in a few different use-cases and generally configure, administer, and understand how to perform other tasks such as scaling, monitoring, and debugging.

What You'll Learn:

In the Working with Spinnaker training course, you'll learn:
  • Spinnaker Concepts
    • Application Management: Understanding the model
      • Applications, Clusters, Server Groups, Load Balancers, Firewalls
    • Application Deployments: Understanding the model
      • Pipelines, Stages, and related Deployment Strategies
  • Getting Up and Running
    • Installing Spinnaker with the AWS CloudFormation template and some review of what's going on during this install
    • A comprehensive review of the baseline install of Spinnaker
    • A look at the standard and basic configuration
  • A Look at CI/CD
    • The differences b/w integration, delivery, and deployment
    • Iteratively releasing infrastructure or resource changes vs application deployments
  • Controlling Cloud Resources with Spinnaker
    • Diving deeper into Clusters and contained resources through the UI
    • Spinnaker EKS provider
    • Spinnaker for managing AWS
      • Installing and configuring
      • What can I manage? What can't I manage?
    • Spinnaker EKS provider
      • Installing and configuring
    • A look at Spinnaker and hybrid cloud management scenarios
  • Application Deployment with Spinnaker
    • Pipelines in Spinnaker and how they relate to general CI/CD pipelines
    • Working with Stages
    • Working with Deployment strategies
      • Blue/green
      • Rolling blue/green
      • Canary
    • Deploying an application
      • Webhooks in Spinnaker
      • Analysis and results processing
      • Rollback strategies
  • Diving Deeper into Spinnaker Usage and Administration
    • Usage
      • The spin CLI
      • Guide to customizing builds, stages, and other non-standard use-cases
    • Administration
      • Scaling Spinnaker, including tips for production usage and availability
      • Monitoring and Debugging
“I appreciated the instructor's technique of writing live code examples rather than using fixed slide decks to present the material.”


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