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Xamarin.Forms Masterclass

Course Summary

The Xamarin.Forms Masterclass course is designed to demonstrate the Microsoft idea of writing code once and running it on a multitude of devices.

The course begins with by exploring the different ways of building Xamarin applications. Next, it covers XAML language, the best approach to build Xamarin.Forms apps. The course concludes by explaining the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern, typically used to build XAML-based applications.

Pre-Requisites: C# knowledge expected, and XAML knowledge is not required.

Promote an in-depth understanding of Xamarin.forms for mobile application development.
Software Developers familiar with C# experience looking to master Xamarin.forms.
Software Developer - Web Developer
Skill Level
2 Days
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Productivity Objectives
  • Explain how Xamarin works
  • Describe the architecture of a cross-platform Xamarin application
  • Use Xamarin.Forms in your application
  • Leverage XAML and databinding in Xamarin.Forms
  • Style Xamarin.Forms
  • Use MVVM to create Xamarin.Forms applications
  • Describe the navigation patterns and use custom renderers and effects with Xamarin.Forms
  • Build an enterprise application architecture with Xamarin.Forms

What You'll Learn:

In the Xamarin.Forms Masterclass training course, you'll learn:
  • Introduction to cross-platform development with Xamarin
    • Hello Xamarin!
    • C# everywhere
    • How Xamarin works
    • Xamarin components
    • Visual Studio integration
    • Visual Studio for Mac
    • Xamarin Forms and XAML
    • Preparing your environment for Xamarin
  • Cross-platform code-sharing approaches and architectural considerations
    • Code sharing options
    • Architecture of a Cross-platform Xamarin application
    • Shared Projects
    • Portable Class Libraries (legacy)
    • .NET Standard and the future with .NET 5
  • Introduction to Xamarin.Forms
    • Introduction to Xamarin Forms
    • Project structure
    • Pages
    • Views
    • Layouts
    • Lists and Cells
    • Navigation
    • Platform features
    • Working with the DependencyService
    • Using Xamarin Plugins
    • Custom renderers intro
    • App Lifecycle
  • XAML and databinding in Xamarin.Forms
    • What is XAML?
    • Building an app with XAML
    • XAML Syntax
    • XAML Markup Extensions
  • Data binding in Xamarin.Forms
    • Data binding introduction
    • Syntax
    • Using the binding context
    • Converters
    • Binding Modes
    • Changes through the INotifyPropertyChanged
  • Styling and layout
    • Styles introduction
    • Implicit styles
    • Style inheritance
    • Theming an app
  • Creating Xamarin.Forms applications using MVVM
    • Hello MVVM
    • ViewModels
    • Behaviours
    • Commanding
    • Messaging
    • View model locators
    • Testing MVVM-based applications with unit tests
  • Navigation patterns in Xamarin.Forms
    • Working with custom renderers and effects
    • More layout in Xamarin.Forms
    • The ListView in-depth
    • Working with data (databases and cloud/services)
  • Building an enterprise application architecture with Xamarin.Forms
    • Application architecture
    • Working with data and repositories
    • Services
    • Navigation and wrappers for navigation
    • Bootstrapping the application
    • Dependency injection (Autofac)
    • Dialogs
    • Unit testing
  • Xamarin.Forms Essentials
  • Miscellaneous topics
    • Application lifecycle
    • Custom fonts
    • Gestures
    • Applications localization
    • Animations
    • SkiaSharp drawings
    • Secrets in Xamarin.Forms applications storage
    • Performance optimizations in Xamarin.Forms
    • Platform integration
    • Xamarin.Forms Shell usage
“I appreciated the instructor's technique of writing live code examples rather than using fixed slide decks to present the material.”


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