Cloud Rules
Around Me.

It’s official! Pluralsight’s acquisition of A Cloud Guru is complete and the future of cloud learning has never looked so good. Hear what the CEO’s of both companies want customers to know.

Cloud rules
around me

Build better in the cloud—today and in the
future—with Pluralsight and A Cloud Guru
Pluralsight and A Cloud Guru have joined forces to give you the expertise and hands-on experiences you need to thrive in a cloud-driven world. We kicked it all off in a special event, which you can watch on-demand. In these panels, you’ll learn more from cloud experts:

Pluralsight Author


Pluralsight Author


Pluralsight Author


Sr. Director of Community at A Cloud Guru


Principal Training Architect at A Cloud Guru


Founder of A Cloud Guru


Event Moderator
SVP Cloud Transformation at A Cloud Guru

Get expert
insights on:

  • How you can position yourself for success as the shift to the cloud accelerates
  • How to know what skills to focus on to ensure that success
  • How to acquire those skills
  • What 'cloud culture' is and what it means for your business
  • What the past, present and future of the cloud looks like
Cloud is the future. And with Pluralsight + ACG here to help you navigate it, the future is bright. Get a taste of the cloud expertise we’re both bringing to the table:

A Cloud Guru

Ransomware in the cloud: 6 ways to reduce your blast radius


Containers in production: Choosing between Kubernetes and cloud platforms

A Cloud Guru

State of the Cloud 2021


Addressing security in a multi-cloud world

A Cloud Guru

Cloud Dictionary of Pain


The ultimate guide to cloud migration

FAQs on the PS+ACG Partnership

What’s this event all about?

Cloud rules everything around us. It’s synonymous with speed, agility, efficiency, reliability, scalability—things that can make or break success. Understanding the cloud is the minimum—becoming fluent and well-versed is required to take your career or company into the future. That’s why Pluralsight and A Cloud Guru experts are coming together to guide you into the cloud-driven future.

Who should attend this event?

Like we said: cloud rules everything around us! Every technologist should attend this event to learn more about the future of the cloud and cloud learning, especially those interested in understanding the best way to build the right cloud mindset for themselves and within their organizations.

Why are Pluralsight and A Cloud Guru joining forces?

Today, Pluralsight provides the breadth of content required for individuals and companies to develop all the tech skills necessary to grow careers and businesses. With the acquisition of A Cloud Guru, we’re evolving to meet the unique needs of the cloud by offering the depth of skill development required for expertise in the cloud. Together, our combined solutions will help individuals and organizations attain the most forward-looking cloud skills and build better solutions. 

How do I learn more about the acquisition?

Check out our press release and a video from our CEOs to learn more.

How does this impact me if I am a Pluralsight or A Cloud Guru customer?

Nothing is immediately changing at the time of this announcement and you will continue to get the same great skill development, service and support from both companies. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to your main point of contact. Your main point of contact for Pluralsight and/or A Cloud Guru is not changing at this time.

  • Users with individual subscriptions from Pluralsight should contact Users with individual memberships from A Cloud Guru should fill out the form on
  • Business accounts with Pluralsight or A Cloud Guru should reach out to their primary account contacts.