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The New Developer Whitepaper

Engineering teams are already burdened with managing time constraints, planning software delivery, and making complex trade-offs among competing work tasks. The adoption of AI-assisted coding tools introduces a new set of problems, critical skills to learn, and accompanying developer anxiety. Together, these factors have already redefined what it means to be a highly skilled engineer today.

It's the era of "the new developer"

But what does this era mean for developers’ experiences, work, and well-being? And could there be merging equity and opportunity gaps?

In their latest empirical research with 3,000+ software engineers and developers across 12+ industries, Pluralsight Flow’s Developer Success Lab took a human-centered perspective and set out to learn how software engineers and developers are transitioning to AI-assisted software work.

This whitepaper summarizes the research of developers’ experiences as they move to AI-assisted software development and includes findings about:

  1. AI skill threat, a term that describes a developer’s fear, anxiety, and worry that their current skills will quickly become obsolete as they adapt to AI-assisted coding

  2. The potential risks of not addressing AI skill threat

  3. When and why AI skill threat emerges

We’ll also introduce a framework engineering leaders, teams, and developers can use as they adapt to AI-assisted software development and navigate this new era.

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