5 Ways Engineering Leaders Can Rise Above a Downturn

January 08, 2023

Read time: ~3 mins

Yes, we do live in challenging times and a looming recession may seem daunting. But there is a silver lining—a large one: opportunity. A downturn has forced us to re-evaluate our strategies and adjust our expectations.

In this article we'll break down our latest whitepaper that explores ways you can take advantage of the current situation and rise above A downturn. In this white paper, we will explain how engineering executives can use actionable reflective metrics to:

  1. Retain Top Talent

  2. Boost Morale

  3. Optimize Engineering Processes

  4. Strengthen Relationships with Executives

  5. Rise Above A Downturn and Thrive

Retain Top Talent

Achieving the best results in your engineering team comes down to empowering employees and providing leaders with the right operational data, doors of opportunity and long-term stability. When leaders are given metrics, like those provided by Pluralsight Flow, they gain a better understanding of the current state of operations, location of bottleneck roadblocks in projects, and opportunities for growth within their organization and top talented individuals that may be hiding under the radar.

Boost Morale

Boosting the morale of your team is essential in creating collaboration and satisfaction. By doing simple things such as meeting with your team regularly, celebrating contributions amongst team members, providing growth opportunities, and mitigating burnout, you’re able to provide your team with a happy and healthy way of achieving the goals of the company.

Optimize Engineering Processes

A well known issue to many engineering leaders is inefficient processes among their teams. When a team is small and the workload keeps piling up, even the smallest problem could be detrimental to the process of the team.

To alleviate these stressors, leaders need to perform a full audit of the existing tickets and processes to identify patterns of repetition, stagnation, and worthwhile progress among each project. Tools like Pluralsight Flow can help leadership use these insights to restructure their workflows and improve developer satisfaction and success.

Strengthen Relationships with Executives

Don’t wait for your fellow executives to reach out and ask what the hold up is on certain projects or where money is going. Pull up your audit and metrics, just like the ones you can find in the Flow Investment Profile, and show them exactly how much time and money is going into specific projects and top talent employees.

Rise Above a Downturn and Thrive

By utilizing a tool like Pluralsight Flow as an engineering leader, you can know when to say no to new requests from your team, identify bottlenecks in current processes, and where to properly invest in digital solutions like AI or Cloud Technology. These metrics can provide you with the right insight you need to create enjoyable work experiences for your team and enable them to thrive in the midst of a downturn.

Rising Above a Downturn

We highlight some key metrics that will help you to assess and monitor your teams’ overall health—and point out some of the benefits of more closely monitoring those metrics during a downturn.

Rise Above a Downturn

Rise Above a Downturn: Get the White Paper Now

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