Choosing a technology skills development partner

What's Right For Your Business?

You know that having the rights skills on your team is key to moving your organization forward. But not all skill development resources are created equal. When it comes to user experience, depth of content, ability to measure progress, and cost, your options vary wildly.

Pluralsight provides an unparalleled skill development experience for individuals, entire teams and business leaders; one that will help your company create better products, faster. So what makes our technology skills platform different than traditional instructor-led training, online learning providers and free resources?

Find out.

Instructor-led training
Online learning products
Free resources
It's impossible for one instructor to know the status of each learner’s knowledge or their unique needs, which means all your team members have to learn the same information, the same way, at the same pace. Classrooms simply don’t allow for personalized learning at scale.
Our platform offers a holistic solution that includes skills assessments, content in a variety of mediums, hands-on learning, personalized recommendations and analytics. This creates a dynamic, personalized experience for your employees and you.
Static classroom curriculum and printed materials can’t keep up with the pace of change in technology, making it impossible to help your team stay on the cutting edge.
Our platform includes deep coverage of the most in-demand technologies in software development, IT ops, data, cloud, cybersecurity and AI/machine learning. With new content from industry experts released continuously, our platform will help your team deliver on their goals to help meet key business objectives, as well as prepare them for what’s coming in the future.
Classroom training often involves high fees and travel costs for one-time access, not to mention time away from the office, making your team fall behind on day-to-day projects.
With Pluralsight, you’ll have access to a cost-effective, scalable platform that can be deployed across teams, departments and geographies.
Instructors are unable to benchmark everyone’s abilities at the start of class or how much they’ve learned––providing you with virtually no quantifiable measurement or judgment on course effectiveness.
Assessments, roles and advanced skills analytics help you quantify the current strengths and skills gaps of your team and see measurable improvements over time. Popular content, trend and engagement analytics give you a clear look at ROI.
There’s no way to personalize a course to match your company’s unique needs, projects and people.
Use channels to curate content that aligns to – and keeps up with – your industry and unique business objectives.