Upskilling through unlearning with Barry O'Reilly

August 11, 2022

Barry O’Reilly has built a career on unlearning. So much so that he’s literally written the book on the concept. Throughout his tech journey, he’s found success through not being precious with the knowledge he’s learned. Rather he looks at that previous knowlesge and how it relates to the things he’s seeking to learn to continue finding success. 

In this discussion, Barry and Adam talk about organizations growing comfortable with unlearning as a vital upskilling tool for executives and employees alike. They talk about the fact that you don’t just have one shot to succeed but rather you have many. 

If you stick to, “what has always worked” for your organization, the world will change and so will the demands of your customers, leaving you behind. It’s vital that you grow comfortable with letting go of the knowledge that brought you success in the past in order to continue succeeding in the present and future.


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