AI/ML: How data science improves policy writing with Lauren Domnick of Northwestern Mutual

October 20, 2022

Lauren Domnick, Vice President of Data Science Innovation at Northwestern Mutual, understands the power of data. At Northwestern Mutual, they were faced with a massive problem at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic: How can they continue to underwrite insurance policies without access to medical records? The answer was data. 

Northwestern Mutual is leading the way in using artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve not only the policies they write for their clients but also the daily lives of their underwriters and agents. By developing predictive models, they've been able eliminate much of the tedious work that comes with standard policies, leaving their underwriters more readily available to tackle much more challenging cases.

In this discussion, Lauren and Adam discuss the process of implementing these tools, how the pandemic changed the way they work, and how they sustained their culture of communication and trust throughout the process.

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