3 ways to improve the odds of your Agile transformation

Every year more and more teams say “this is it, this is the year we’re going to become agile”. But despite the enthusiasm that each brings to this challenge a startlingly few teams of them actually succeed. Why, you ask? It’s because introducing agile is not only hard, but what makes it successful can vary wildly from organization to organization.

There’s no sure-fire recipe for doing a successful agile transformation. However, there are things that many successful teams all seem to do while those teams who aren’t successful simply don’t. While following these simple practices is no guarantee of success in any organization, they will greatly improve the odds of your agile transformation becoming one of the success stories.

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Jeremy Jarrell

Jeremy Jarrell is a software developer specializing in commercial application development for the enterprise space. Jeremy's areas of specialization include agile development methodologies, team leadership, distributed architecture and web application security.