5 things you should do to prepare for multi-cloud

By Ryan Lewis

Years ago, everyone was talking about the cloud. Now, multi-cloud is the new priority—and for most companies,  the path to adoption isn’t simple. 

Cloud providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform are in a heated battle for your business, which puts you in a good position. But picking one exclusive vendor isn’t always in your best interest. A multi-cloud strategy will enable you to avoid vendor lock-in, get the best possible price and utilize the best of each vendor’s offerings. 

Join Pluralsight author and cloud architect Ryan Lewis as he explains the five things you need to do to prepare your company for the multi-cloud, and get a deep dive into:

  • Various multi-cloud tools worth using
  • How to choose the right cloud vendor(s) for your company
  • What the future of multi-cloud will look like


About the author

Ryan Lewis is a Software Engineer who specializes in ambitious single page web applications. He started building websites over 15 years ago to promote his bands and record label. After traveling around the world playing music, he brought his talents to the Pacific Northwest, where he utilizes open-source technologies, such as Backbone, Ember, and Node.js, to build business intelligence and customer facing applications for companies such as Expedia and T-Mobile. 

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