Adopting DevSecOps: The Holy Grail of sustainable security

Richard Harpur
Adopting DevSecOps: The Holy Grail of sustainable security

With the chronic shortage in cybersecurity skills being compounded by an ever-increasing demand for improved compliance, a classic approach to security is no longer scalable, sustainable or rapid enough to ensure your organization can innovate and compete while maintaining secure systems.

As a result, many leaders are ditching cumbersome, outdated “waterfall” approaches to security delivery in favor of a new approach: DevSecOps. In this webinar, security expert and technology leader Richard Harpur will show you how you can capitalize on the industry shift toward DevSecOps as he discusses:

• The challenges with traditional security and why DevSecOps is geared to succeed in its place

• How to embed sustainable security into your organization

• Examples of APIs and programmatic interfaces for security

• And strategies for getting started in DevSecOps

Come learn how you can keep your business on the cutting-edge of cybersecurity!

Meet our presenter

Richard Harpur

Richard Harpur

Richard is a highly experienced technology leader with a remarkable career ranging from software development, project management through to... See more

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