Cloud Security with Ned Bellavance

By Ned Bellavance

Properly securing your IT estate was difficult enough when all your applications ran on-premises. Things got more complicated as your organization started adopting public cloud. And now you've started hearing rumblings of multi-cloud deployments. How can you maintain a strong security posture in the face of so much complexity?

In this webinar, Pluralsight Author and Microsoft MVP Ned Bellavance will help you address the security challenges of multi-cloud head-on. You’ll learn:

  • Ways to address security in a decentralized environment 

  • Primary pillars of a secure cloud deployment 

  • Applying security principles in real-world situations

By the end of this webinar, you’ll feel confident designing, planning and applying a security approach in a manufacturing environment that encompasses Office 365, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, all while adhering to strict federal regulations. 


About the author

Ned is an IT professional and Microsoft MVP with almost 20 years of experience in the field. He has been a helpdesk operator, systems administrator, cloud architect, and product manager. In his newest incarnation, he is the Founder of Ned in the Cloud LLC. As a one-man-tech-juggernaut, he develops courses for Pluralsight, runs two podcasts (Day Two Cloud and Buffer Overflow), and creates original content for technology vendors.

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