Enabling low-risk releases with Jeremy Morgan

Jeremy Morgan
Enabling low-risk releases with Jeremy Morgan

Thursday, December 12 at 1:00 p.m. ET

If a release of new software goes bad, it's painful. It reinforces fear and anxiety over new deployments and makes your team hesitant to release new software. 

Thoughtful planning and careful structuring of your release pipeline can cure that anxiety and make releases easy and even routine for your team.

Join this live event with expert Jeremy Morgan and walk away understanding:

  • How to create low risk releases

  • Why batch size has a direct effect on velocity

  • How to determine how many changes per deployment is optimal

  • How to enable your teams to improve velocity with an optimum release structure

Meet our presenter

Jeremy Morgan

Jeremy Morgan

Jeremy Morgan is a tech blogger, speaker, and author who loves technology. He has been a developer for nearly two decades and has worked... See more

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