Experts discuss technology skill development

The speed of technological change and pressure to deliver innovations to market means old ways of “training” teams aren’t cutting it anymore. Leaders must become proactive and intentional about developing the skills they need now and into the future if they’re going to help their organizations succeed.

Join us for an insightful panel on technology skill development with four of the tech industry’s brightest minds. They’ll discuss:

  • What technology skill development is
  • Why it matters so much 
  • The changes companies need to make to be effective
  • Best practices for building internal skills
  • And more

You won’t want to miss this conversation with Tanya E. Moore (Partner Talent & Transformation, IBM Services), Eric Geis (Vice President Clinical Product Development, Cerner), Gary Beach (Columnist, WSJ and CIO Journal and Author, U.S. Technology Skills Gap) and Don Jones (Vice President of Content Partnerships, Pluralsight).

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