Moving from individual contributor to technology leader

By Kevin Miller, Heather MacDonald, and Jason Alba

If you’re looking to make the move into management or have recently been promoted into a management role, this event is for you. In this live panel discussion, you’ll learn about the mindset you need to have to make the leap from individual contributor to leader, how to know if a management role is right for you and what skills are necessary to succeed in a new management role. 

Hear from three experts who made the transition from individual contributor to team, VP and C-level leadership positions and come away with actionable takeaways for the next step in your career, such as:

  • Your career is in your hands—so if you want increased responsibility, you don’t have to wait on others to make it happen

  • An excellent technologist can make a poor manager, so you can’t ignore soft skills if you want to lead people

  • People need leaders and bosses, and good managers know how to balance the two roles

  • And more

About the author

Kevin Miller

Kevin's mission is to close the gap between IT departments and the businesses they support, by opening IT to change. His goal is not to change what IT does; it is to change how IT does it, by changing how IT thinks. Kevin's expertise is helping organizations of all sizes adopt and embrace agile methodologies for faster deliveries, reduced cost, and increased customer satisfaction. Kevin possesses numerous degrees and certifications, and over 20 years of progressive experience in a wide range of technical areas, including: software development, operations, project management and leadership. His hobbies include learning, teaching, scuba diving, playing chess, and traveling. Kevin can be found online at DeltaTechnology.net.

Heather MacDonald

As Vice President of Strategy, Change, and Communications for Zions Bancorporation’s Enterprise Technology and Operations division, Heather oversees people and engagement strategies, division and executive communications, organizational change management initiatives, workforce of the future and technology skills development, and diversity, equity and inclusion strategies, including Women in Technology.

Heather is obsessed with learning and leadership development, reflected in her work as a current member of the University of Utah Bennion Center Community Engaged Scholars Advisory Committee, as well as an Industry Board Member for the Women Tech Council.

Jason Alba

Jason Alba is founder and creator of JibberJobber.com. He is a Pluralsight author of multiple courses on job search, career management and personal branding. You can find all his courses on his Pluralsight author page.

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