IT vs. business strategy: How to overcome the great divide with Casey Ayers

Casey Ayers

Too often, the business and technical divisions of organizations can find themselves at odds. Business leadership seems to ask the impossible or not see the value of following technical best practices. Technical leadership seems not to see the strategic criticality of solving business challenges.

It's time to bring this conflict to an end. In this webinar with Pluralsight author Casey Ayers, you'll discover:

• A new perspective on how to work better with your colleagues, whether they serve in business or technical capacities in your organization

Strategies for expressing expectations and performance information in common financial and strategic terms

• How to develop a shared focus on organizational goals and initiatives that creates a mutual effort to assess needs and analyze the business environment

• Steps to building stakeholder support that align business and IT strategies

Meet our presenter

Casey Ayers

Casey Ayers is an independent project manager and strategic consultant, with experience leading projects in many fields, including... See more

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