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Scaling Agile for Enterprise

Creating software used to be slow and linear and often times lacked a solid process. So Agile came into the picture—providing lightning fast idea-to-market delivery times, one sprint at a time and with higher quality. Small and co-located teams took a leap of faith by first adopting this new methodology, but as success stories piled in, larger teams tried to tackle bigger projects.

However, it became apparent that Agile didn’t always scale. Large enterprises began to experience missed deadlines, escalating costs, communication problems—you name it!   

The solution? Daikibo: Scaling Agile for enterprise. Watch Pluralsight author Xavier Morera and Daikibo expert  Jeff Bartlett in this recorded webinar. Learn more about this proven methodology used by Fortune 100 companies to help scale Agile projects! Our experts will cover ways to help your team:

  • Deliver projects faster
  • Avoid cost increases
  • Communicate more efficiently
  • Tackle bigger projects

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Featured Author

Xavier Morera

Xavier is an entrepreneur, project manager, technical author, trainer, Certified Scrum Professional & Scrum Master and Certified Microsoft Professional and Microsoft MVP. He has spent a great deal of his career working on cutting-edge projects with a primary focus on .NET, Solr and occasionally iOS. His expertise is primarily .NET web applications with a focus on search using Apache Solr. Throughout multiple projects, he has acquired skills to deal with complex enterprise software solutions, working with companies that range from startups to Microsoft. He also worked as a worldwide v-trainer/evangelist for Microsoft..