Webinar: Cloud computing data protection and privacy

By Kevin Jackson

Cloud computing is revolutionizing every industry. But it’s crucial that you know how to adopt it without getting your organization into hot water!

Presented by globally recognized author, Kevin L. Jackson, this webinar will provide you with the background needed to:

  • Understand and explain cloud computing,

  • Address associated cybersecurity challenges

  • Avoid criminal punishments and civil fines associated with data breaches and data privacy violations

About the author

Kevin L. Jackson is a globally recognized cloud computing thought leader and an (ISC)2 Certified Cloud Security Professional instructor. He has also been recognized as a “Top 100 Cloud Computing Experts on Twitter”, a “Top 100 Cybersecurity Influencer and Brand” and a “Top 50 Federal IT Blogger”. His “Cloud Musings” blog receives more than 80,000 views per month. Kevin's professional career includes service in the US Navy Space Systems Command, Vice President of J.P. Morgan Chase, Worldwide Sales Executive for IBM, and NJVC Vice President, Cloud Services.