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ACG Case Study - Skills

Thomson Reuters

T-shaped skills and cloud victories.

Case Study TR


"We need to complete the push to cloud as quickly as we can"

For Thomson Reuters, the move to the cloud is a no-brainer. With global operations, region-specific regulations, and tons of data to manage, the legacy data center model just can’t keep up.

“The cloud lets us scale...much more quickly and cost-effectively than buying and cooling all that hardware ourselves.”

In order to accelerate its cloud adoption and not be stuck maintaining the same workloads in the cloud and on-premises, Thomson Reuters partnered with us to get its engineers up to speed and reorient its data center experts to the cloud.


Learn how Thomson Reuters is:

  • Paving the road to cloud, rather than aggressively policing it
  • Providing cloud “drivers ed” for its engineers with A Cloud Guru
  • Developing “T-shaped” skills with broad cloud fluency and deep expertise
  • Using leading indicators to track cloud fluency and broader transformation

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