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ACG Case Study - Cloud Talent

Miami Dade College

Upskilling students to meet cloud talent needs.

case study miami dade


“A Cloud Guru really helps our college students. They’re more marketable now for those full-time jobs we want them to have.”

Miami Dade College is one of the largest and most diverse institutions of higher education in the United States, with eight campuses across South Florida. They’re also one of the institutions at the forefront of emerging technology education, with a focus on building a talent pipeline out to area businesses.

As MDC began planning its cloud curriculum, they partnered with A Cloud Guru to get their faculty up to speed and certified, and then went a step further, integrating ACG into core of the learning experience.

“It’s a great platform,” Dr. Diego Tibaquirá, Cloud and Cybersecurity faculty member, notes. “My students probably like A Cloud Guru more than they like me.”

In just 18 months, Miami Dade College’s ACG-enhanced curriculum has helped more than 100 students earn AWS certifications, providing a valuable talent pool for South Florida organizations looking for skilled cloud workers.

Learn how Miami Dade College is:

Learn how to:

  • Using A Cloud Guru to upskill its faculty and staff — and keep their cloud skills current
  • Bringing A Cloud Guru into the classroom to provide students with hands-on cloud experience
  • Working with area employers to create entry level positions and internships for cloud newcomers
  • Developing a talent pipeline for a new generation of cloud professionals

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