Partnering with Federal Agencies to provide in-demand tech skills for agency personnel

See how Pluralsight empowers the Federal Government to accomplish their goals

Learn how government agencies are tackling technology-driven objectives, from cybersecurity and cloud migration to rapid digital transformation and increasing technical knowledge.

Lessons Learned: Government Tech Skill Development
White Paper
Cultivating A Military Workforce That Is Driven By Data
Army Upskilling & Reskilling: A New Retention Concept
White Paper
Cloud And The Public Sector: Challenges And Opportunities

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Learn about tools needed to upskill on Cloud, Data, Security and more

Hands On Learning

Hands-on learning

Upskill with interactive courses, projects and labs, and practice what your team learned with sandboxes.

Skills IQ

Skill assessments

Take skill assessments to get personalized recommendations for where to start and continue learning, and to track upskilling progress.

Instructor Led

Expert-led learning

Level up in critical tech skills with education strategies straight from industry experts.


Certification prep

Access courses and paths that are aligned with and help your team prepare for industry certifications.



Learning material curated by experts to help your team build the right skills in the right order. 



Get the insights teams need to track engagement and progress toward achieving objectives.