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We're looking for people who have a deep knowledge of Python and can produce dynamic courses for two types of learners: web and internet developers and data scientists. We want teachers who have strong, practitioner-level knowledge in frameworks, micro-frameworks, CMS systems, SciPy, Pandas and iPython.

Our author community includes some of the most authoritative, engaging experts out there. They use storytelling, enthusiasm and true passion to clearly explain key concepts, demonstrate crucial technologies and reveal real-world tips and techniques. At Pluralsight, you’ll be joining other Python thought leaders who are setting the bar for what quality online training should be.

We are looking for authors to cover:
  • Python Quick Start for Data Professionals
  • NumPy
  • Pandas
  • SciPy
  • SymPy
  • Statsmodels
  • Matplotlib
  • Standard Library Modules
  • SQL Alchemy
  • BeautifulSoup
  • Scrapy
  • Django
  • Flask
  • Jupyter

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Austin Bingham
Pluralsight Author

"Pluralsight gives me a great way spread my enthusiasm for Python, a language that has brought me a lot of joy. Pluralsight’s solid delivery platform, broad reach, and excellent editorial staff ensure not only that I can reach as many interested students as possible but that my courses are truly effective."

Rob Smallshire
Pluralsight Author

"Working with Pluralsight has opened up a direct channel to many thousands of budding Python developers around the world. It’s an honor to guide so many developers through their first steps with Python, which, if it works as well for them as it has for me, they will return to again and again as their “get stuff done” language. Pluralsight’s marketing, growth and professionalism have helped me get the word out to more people than I imagined possible."


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Nicole Campbell

Nicole Campbell
Python Acquisition Editor

Voted "Most likely to be on the cover of Vogue" in fifth grade, Nicole decided to go a different route by getting her degree in Biology and then jumping into the tech industry. When she isn't playing with her daughter or grabbing a drink with friends, you will find her training for her next half marathon.        Twitter        LinkedIn


Spencer Winegar
Python Acquisition Editor

When he's not searching for the best Python authors in the world, Spence can be found drinking Diet Coke (at least 4 liters a day), watching baseball and rearranging his Funko Pop action figures on his desk. If you get an "out of the office" response, chances are he is at Petco Park with his wife and four kids watching his San Diego Padres.        Twitter        LinkedIn